Thursday, September 1, 2011


The renowned Paravur Puttingal temple is located at Kurumandal, Paravur village of Kollam district in the state of Kerala, India . The temple is centuries old and was first constructed when the presence of Godess herself was experienced on an ant hill. The temple was named Puttingal temple, 'Puttu' being the malayalam word for ant hill. In due course of time the temple was reconstructed. The present structure is about a couple of centuries old.The main offerings for the Puttingal Godess include flowers, tender coconuts, aval(beaten rice) and malar(puffed rice). Sandal paste and saffron powder are distributed to the devotees as prasadam. The famous "thottampattu",the most important offering in this temple, starts on the 21st day of Vrischikam(a Malayalam month falling in between mid November and mid December) and lasts till the princip The 'birth day' of the Godess is on the day of Bharani in the malayalam month of Meenam(falling in between mid March and mid April). The main events associted with the festival are Aswathi vilakku, Kathakali, Kampadikali, Marameduppu and other cultural events. Various pujas are performed and offerings are made daily for the fulfilment of desires and redressal of various greivances of devotees. al festival of the Godess.

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