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The place has unique natural setting with the long Neendakara bridge spanning the Ashtamudi lake, with fishing boats and the vast lake and the sea separated by sand bed called Ashi, Neenadakara is a fishing center.

Neendakara, in Kollam District is on the NH 47 ,nestles between the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake, and the shores of the Arabian Sea. One of the largest fishing harbours in the state.An erstwhile tiny fishing hamlet with traditional fishermen and household coir fibre spinning industry has been transformed by the base provided by Indo-Norwegian Project in the 1950s

ARYANKAVU BRIDGE (meter guage )

Aryankavu Viaduct...... The 13 span bridge of Aryankavu... on Punalur - Shenkottai meter guage line....The total length of this line is 108 miles...The line from Quilon to Punalur was inaugurated on 1 June,1904. The Quilon-Schencottah line was thrown open on 26 November, 1904. ......Copyrighted image.. Not for commercial or other uses.

MANDROTHURUTHU (munroe island)

Mandrothuruthu is beautiful place to visit, here mainly attract the nature with lake, and also the hand boat root is very intresting, its amazing travell experience, and more lovely brids around the nature,

Village : Mundrothuruthu

Block : Chittumala

District : Kollam

State : Kerala

Country : India


Kollam offers a grand stay to travelers to Kollam Beach Retreat. The resort recreates the grandeur of the Travancore style. Kollam Beach Retreat d├ęcor is based on homely and traditionaly Kerala style, this offer guests a chance to experience the authentic Kerala lifestyle on their stay at this fine three star hotel in Travancore.Kollam Beach Retreat is a medium budgeted Resort in Kollam. This Resort is located in the lushy green natural coconut plantation and serenesurrounding facing the sea . it is situated 2km from the town away from roaring traffic with frequent transit facilities. Unexplored unspoilt goldenbeach promises of enchanting hide out. Sunbath, Bay watch and many more under the crispy blue sky and wave.


Kulathupuzha Temple

Kulathupuzha is well known for the Sastha temple.The presiding deity at the Kulathupuzha Temple is known as Bala Sastha who is Lord Hariharaputra. The Vishu Mahotsavam in April is the most important festival of this temple.

Kulathupuzha Reserve Forest

Kulathupuzha forms a part of the southern most reserve forests of the State, falling in the SOI sheet No. 58 H/1. Kulathupuzha reserve covers an area under 1000 km2. Its forest constitutes predominantly of tropical wet - and semi - evergreens and moist deciduous types. Apart from settlements some parts are occupied by Forest departmental plantations mainly of teak, eucalyptus and acacia. The plantations are grown by planting sapplings on cleared natural forests. Plantations are raised to sustain and supplement the timber needs of a few industries in the State.

Important Nearby Places

Thenmala, a nearby place of Kulathupuzha is an eco-tourism centre. Thenmala Railway station is only 10 km away from the town.


  • From Trivandrum by road (via Palode) - 60 km.
  • Aryankavu - 40 km.
  • Palaravi - 22 km.
  • Achencoil - 104 km.
  • Nearest Railway Station - Thenmala, 10 km.
  • Nearest Airport - Trivandrum International Airport 70km.
  • Shencottah - 48 km
  • College-St. John's College Anchal, 17km.
  • Municipality - Punalur 31km.
  • Indo-Swiss project 2 km.


Kollam Clock Tower is a major landmark in the town of Kollam and it stands high in the heart of the town. This tower has become a symbol of Kollam District, a sort of non-official emblem.

The quadrangular tower was built by the natives in honor of Unichakam Veedu K G Parameshwaran Pillai, the former chairman of Kollam Municipality from 1932 to 1948. The construction was started in 1941 and completed in 1944. Built with brick and white cement, it has the distinction of being the first clock tower of the erstwhile Travancore. The four big clocks placed on the sides were brought from Kolkata and its origin can be traced to Britain.

The clock tower is situated about 71 km from Thiruvananthapuram, beside the National Highway 47, at Chinnakada, close to the Kollam Junction Railway Station and Puthiyakavu Temple.

Some of the other nearby attractions are Thangasseri Beach, Thangassery Light House and Thirumullavaram Beach.

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The serene Ashtamudi Lake is a great place to hanker for in the Kollam district. The house boat trips here are great pleasures and so is the boat cruise. The boat cruise to Munroe Islands is a wonderful experience. The popular cruises one can avail at the place are Kayal

Pradakshina Cruise and Sayanthanam Sunset Cruise.


Adventure Park in Kollam is situated 3 km from the Kollam Bus Station. It is along the shores of the Ashtamudi backwaters. The park is a delightful place for children. The District Tourism Promotion Council arranges backwater cruises from here.

Close to the park are the Government Guest House and a boat jetty. Various types of boats including luxury cruise boats, powerboats and motorboats are available on hire from the boat jetty.



Kappil,Paravur is an ideal spot away from the maddening crowd yet within the town limits, perhaps the most peaceful and the best scenic place in Kollam district. Paravur is home to a number of tourist resorts, with facilities for boating, surfing and fishing and offers comfortable accommodation with extensive amenities.


Thangassery Vilakkumadam:

Thangassery is a place of historical importance situated 5kms.away from Kollam town. The The chief attraction of the place is the light house, built in 1902. The 144 ft.light house stands as a sentinal, warning seamen of the treacherous reefs of Thangassery. The construction of a fishing harbour is in progress. Thangassery was an enclave of the Portuguese, Dutch and British in succession.


VARKALA BEACH - has mineral water springs and their medicinal properties is one of the reasons why this is one of the most popular beach resorts in Kerala. Many people come here to drink the mineral water and bathe in it for health reasons. These waters gush out of the high clifs which border the beach.It is about 34 miles from Thiruvananthapuram, (formerly Trivandrum), the capi.tal of Kerala. It is quiet and peaceful, though not isolated. It is considered the best spot in Kerala for watching the sunset.
r watching the sunset.

SIVAGIRI SARATHA MUTT -According to the Indian concept, the goddess Saraswathy is the prime goddess of knowledge. But there are very few temples in Kerala with Saraswathy prathishta. Sivagiri Sarada Mutt was planned and designed by Gurudev who took a particular interest in it. Ordinary temples do not have windows. Gurudev called this temple, which is octagonal in shape, Sarada Mutt.

Here unlike in other temples, there is no nivedyam (offering of food to the deity) or abhishekam (pouring oil, ghee and such on the idol). Devotees can worship the goddess by reciting hymns. The idol of Saraswathy seated on white lotus is the symbol of "knowledge blossoming on whiteness or purity".Gurudev performed the pratishta of the deity at Sarada Mutt on the full moon day in April 1912.



Thenmala is a small village at the foothills of Western Ghats and predominantly a forest area.Thenmala (Parappar) Dam is a centre of attraction at Thenmala-- an ecotourism destination. Built under the Kallada Irrigation and Tree Crop development project, it is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala (India).

DAM - The dam impounds the longest reservoir in the State. Waters from the reservoir is now used for power generation also. The famous Shenduruney Wildlife Sanctuary is the most important ecotourism resource of Thenmala Ecotourism. This Wildlife Sanctuary is of about 100 sq. km. and harbors large varieties of flora and fauna.

District- KOLLAM