Thursday, September 1, 2011


Location : About 75 km from Kollam on the Kollam - Shencottah road.

Best time to visit : June - January

Palaruvi - literally, stream of milk - is one of Kerala's most picturesque waterfalls, cascading down a height of 300 feet. It is a favourite picnic spot for visitors from all over south India. The journey to Palaruvi through the dense tropical forest is a spellbinding experience.

The surrounding mist-clad blue hills and green valleys form a stunning backdrop to the milk white burst of foam that resounds through the otherwise tranquil virgin forest. Visitors love the cool shower. Ayurvedic physicians sometimes prescribe a bath in the waters of Palaruvi.

Getting there: Palaruvi is about 75 km from Kollam town.

Nearest railway station: Kollam, about 75 km

Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport about 77 km from Kollam town.

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